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More Info About Acne


Acne has always been a difficult skin condition to manage. Whether you are a teenager or adult, there is still hope. We meet with patients who complain about acne caused by increased hormone production, puberty, overactive oil glands, and/or infected acne blemishes. Our physicians have treating acne for 24 years.


Our acne treatment can aid you in your journey to clearer skin and better confidence! 

Other clinics have typical acne care treatments designed to only target the outer surface of the skin. At the Acne Clinic we use every method known to rejuvenate your face for new skin. FDA approved Laser Acne treatment is only one of several methods used and, perhaps, the most popular. This method heals the actual source of the problem, without pain or any of the side effects associated with drug therapy.

Laser Acne Therapy

Laser acne therapy can:

  • Pulsate through layers of skin to reach the oil-producing glands

  • Disable and reduce the size of the glands

  • Leave surface skin undamaged



Having an acne treatment conducted by our Physicians can also help to stimulate the formation of new collagen under the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Here are some other known treatments for acne:


While some of these drug treatments may be helpful, several have side effects that should all be discussed and individualized. At the Acne Clinic we cover all the bases so that we can clear your acne the best way possible. We discourage all treatments, in the box above, unless you discuss this with one our acne professionals at
The Acne Clinic of San Antonio.

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